Car Rental BMW X5 2017 in Kiev

Rent BMW X5 2017 in Kiev
Day as a gift!
  • A/C
  • Doors - 5
  • 650 l
  • 6.2 l/100 km
  • Body type Off-road car
  • Engine capacity 2.5 l 218 HP
  • Transmission Automatic
  • Type of fuel Diesel
from 26 days 10-25 days 4-9 days 1-3 days
129 148 167 185 Book Deposit 2000€
175 200 225 250 Book Without deposit
  • Without deposit
  • With deposit
175 25+ days 129
200 10-25 days 148
225 4-9 days 167
250 1-3 days 185

BMW Х5 2017: the Pride of the Bayern Car Industry

The model Х5 has been the brightest representative of BMW since 1999. In 2017 this German company changed the style of the classical prototype and represented the long-awaited novelty. Now BMW X5 rental in Kyiv is possible for anyone.

What’s new?

You will see the changes starting from the exterior. A surprising designer solution is steel inserts that made also the car body harder. The body itself is protected all the way around with additional cover made of plastic.

Distinct sports features will impel those who really love “aggressive” cars to rent BMW X5 in Kyiv. The front LED optics will not leave even the most demanding car enthusiast indifferent.

The interior will pleasantly surprise with the expanded area in the passenger part. The dashboard was also expanded, the security system was improved. Those who will rent BMW X5 in Kyiv will like the premium leather the seats are covered with. The compartment is available in several color solutions, so everyone could choose the appropriate variant.

As for the technical characteristics, the model has a powerful hybrid engine (3 l and 6 l). The mid line vehicle speed capability is reaching 100 km/h within 6 seconds. BMW X5 rental will make you sure in it and find out about some other advantages of the novelty.

Who can rent the car?

The Rental company has the most popular in 2017 BMW model in its fleet and offers excellent rent conditions. The car is available for everyone who has a driving license and driving experience of at least two years. You can rent BMW both for a short and long period of time. Car rental in Kyiv will dispel any doubts concerning the new car selection.

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