Оренда Suzuki Vitara NEW 2019 у Києві

Прокат Suzuki Vitara NEW 2019 (Сузукі Вітара Нью 2019) у Києві
  • A/C
  • дверей - 5
  • 375 л
  • 5.7 л/100 км
  • Тип кузова Кросовер
  • Об'єм двигуна 1.0 л 111 к.с.
  • Тип трансмісії Автомат
  • Тип палива Бензин
від 26 діб 10-25 діб 4-9 діб 1-3 діб
37 50 57 63 Вибрати дати
51 68 77 85
  • Без застави
  • З задатком
51 25+ діб 37
68 10-25 діб 50
77 4-9 діб 57
85 1-3 діб 63

Rent a Suzuki Vitara NEW in Kiev with or without a deposit

To rent a Suzuki Vitara IV generation is an excellent choice for comfortable movement in the metropolis, and the car is suitable for celebrations, family and business trips also. The car has an automatic transmission, 1.0 l patrol engine, rear view camera, good sound insulation and heated seats. A comfortable and safe crossover Suzuki accelerates quickly and is responsive to the actions of the driver.

Advantages of renting a Suzuki Vitara:

  • A unique combination of an expensive SUV and innovation.

  • Effective EURO NCAP 5 Star Security System

  • Reduced fuel consumption due to the lightweight motor design.

  • Automatic transmission provides precise control at any stage of the ride.

  • Volumetric interior and 375 liters trunk (with the transformation of the rear seats increases to 1120 liters).

  • Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h is in 9.5 — 13 seconds.

The rental price of Suzuki Vitara NEW 2019 without a driver starts from 35 euros/day*.

*when renting for a period from 26 days

Suzuki Vitara rental in Kiev: what is necessary

You can rent a Suzuki Vitara NEW 2019 car in Kiev starting from the age of 21, while the driving experience must be at least 2 years. Suzuki Vitara rental is possible, while the rental price will increase slightly. To rent a Suzuki Vitara New 2019, you just need to contact the manager of the rental car company Rental. Payment is available online.


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