Concierge-service – comprehensive travel support

Concierge-service – comprehensive travel support

Hire cars with RENTAL and enjoy the benefits of concierge-service for no additional charge!

You can fully rely on our concierge-service – all you have to do is make a request and we will assist you in booking rooms, tours and purchase goods or services you may require.

Event-services anywhere

You can count on our help in selecting a place for dinner, regardless of type. We will make all the necessary reservations. We also take care of purchasing tickets for cultural and sports events, registration for business workshops or fashion shows.

Soccer or ballet tickets No problem!

Comprehensive travel support

We will find the best dates, airlines and tickets, and plan individual routes. We book, deliver and pay for any tickets for any kind of transport. We book hotel rooms all over the world, we can also manage delayed or missing baggage.

Any kind of travel, worldwide!

We will secure your home

We will help with the selection and hiring of household staff, we will order specialized services (laundry, house cleaning, help with your pets, etc.). We will help repair household appliances. Pick up any master – from plumbers to designers; we will help in case of an emergency.

Don't worry about your home while you're away.


  • We will provide assistance with purchasing goods: we will select and buy any product and support you in dealing with customs issues.
  • We will help you arrange phone and conference calls in any country.
  • We can act as your assistant, helping you manage your schedule of events and meetings; we will get everything done.
  • We will provide personalized advice on a wide range of topics and issues. We help you stay in touch with the news, learn about upcoming cultural events or special offers of airlines.
  • We will find information about virtually anything in the world and help you deal with any issue – from replenishing your wine cellar to finding a rare medication.

CONCIERG SERVICE will help you solve any issue. Tell us your wishes, and focus on your RENTAL car journey!

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