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Car Rental in Kharkiv

Car Rental in Kharkiv

Here, at the same time developing several lines of business. 40 institutions of higher education, more than 10 thousand foreign students which give reasons for opening branches of  companies by the majority of foreign investors  in Kharkov, where are many young specialists.

For businessmen, who came from a working trip to another country, it is inconceivable to stay without a car. It will depend on external factors that are not able to accurately manage their time. And as we know time is money. For such people we offer our service. We offer rental cars in Kharkov, as well as throughout the country.

Rent a car without a driver

The citizens of Russia are familiar with situation when cars, with foreign license plates break on each post. Travel and solve your business on the rental car. With Ukrainian license plates you will avoid endless communication with the police. In this case, the car rent in Kharkov is more profitable from driving on own car.

Large car fleet

Not everyone can afford to have a private car fleet. As woman wants on each celebration to be in a new beautiful dress as man wants to come on the automobile, which will comply with situation. And if in your garage is "Lada" and you need to go to important event, we will be glad to help you in solving this problem. We have cars of economy, mid-, business-class, 4x4s and minivans, a wide choice and affordable prices. All our cars are in excellent condition, perfectly clean and fully insured (hull insurance, MTPL insurance).

24 - Hours booking

You can book a car with the help of the on-line order form on our website or by phone at any time convenient for you.  We are work around the clock.

Delivery of the car in the city

For all customers, without any limitation, we have a service delivery of vehicle to any place of the city Kharkov. Also, if you plan to make long trips, you can also return the car at any place of Ukraine, but you need previously coordinate it with our managers.

Additional rental equipment

  • GPS-navigator
  • Baby-Seat
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