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Rental Cars

Economy starting from 20€/day
Intermediate starting from 29€/day
Standard starting from 36€/day
Full Size SUV starting from 30€/day

It's available for you

  • Car insurance

    Travel safely – we handle all risks on our own. All of our cars have valid insurance policies.

  • GPS-navigation

    Never get lost and save time with the GPS-navigation device which will calculate the best route for you.

  • Child safety seat

    Traveling with children? Take care of their safety with a comfortable child seat.

  • Wi-Fi

    Stay connected and in touch with all goings-on with a high-speed Wi-Fi Internet.

  • Concierge service

    Round-the-clock support with any questions, be it hotel reservations or finding the best tours and products.

  • Assistance on the road

    Ran out of the fuel? Need help replacing a broken wheel? The battery has to be charged? Get in touch with us and our team will arrive to help you on the road.

Customer reviews

  • Shnaider Dmitri
    Dear Rental company. Our company wotking with rental more than a year and we using there rental s... Читать далее
    Dear Rental company. Our company wotking with rental more than a year and we using there rental services very often with big pleasure. Thank you for wonderful service, flexibility and understanding of our company very strict needs and requirements. Best regards Dima Shnaider - WPS
  • Derek
    Rent a car in Ukraine - it is very interesting! But this company - All is well. :) The staff are ... Читать далее
    Rent a car in Ukraine - it is very interesting! But this company - All is well. :) The staff are polite. Cars in good condition.

Car Rental in Ukraine

RENTAL is not just a company that offers car hire throughout Ukraine. The way we run our business is based on many years of experience of world-famous providers, adapted to the specific needs and mentality of our customers. We have managed to turn car hire into an affordable and easy-to-use tool. Our top priority is superb service, and today we offer the best rental rates on the most attractive and favorable terms.

With us you can rent a car with no driver, and feel absolutely free to go wherever you like. Many loyal customers in Kharkov, Kiev, Donetsk, Dnepr have already enjoyed our top class service. Car hire is not a luxury anymore, but a simple element of your everyday life. Using car hire services, you can optimize your company fleet, or rent vehicles for your personal use.

Our competitive advantages:

  • A substantial car fleet. We rent out specific models, not classes
  • Create your own car fleet. Car rental services help business owners use corporate cars without the need to purchase them.
  • Our prices are low and clear. To find out the cost of renting a particular car, you do not need to send us any messages or calculate any special plans. We do not hide anything, and the prices of all models are clearly visible.
  • We work 24/7. Cal us any time, day or night and hire cars. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Online booking. Cannot call us? Book cars on our website, we’ll process your request in no time, and contact you.
  • Delivery to any location in Ukraine. To hire a car, you don’t have to come to our office. We can deliver any car to any address.
  • Our cars are provided in the shortest possible time. Car hire is not a long process; it will take only 5 minutes of your time.
  • Concierge service. 24-hour support with any questions: booking of hotel rooms, tours or buying goods.
  • Road assistance. Out of fuel? Need to fix tires or charge the battery? Let us know and our specialist will be there to help you.

You might also like

  • GPS navigation – will help you navigate unfamiliar roads.
  • Child seat – comfort and safety for your baby.
  • WI-FI – wireless Internet for the passengers.
  • Go-Pro – will capture the brightest moments in HQ.
  • NO DEPOSIT car hire – reduces your initial expenses and doesn’t hold any hidden deposits on your bank account. At the same time you get a comprehensive insurance coverage (SuperCDW), no franchising.

As you can see, we have done everything possible to ensure that you get a convenient and reliable service. With our web-resource, car rental in Ukraine is available 24/7. Using the services of our company, you receive individual and comprehensive service, as well as loyalty programs for frequent customers.

To win the leading position in the Ukrainian car rental market, we are constantly improving. If you want to help us become even better, feel free to give us your feedback and suggestions.

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