Truck rental

Truck rental

Rental trucks with load capacity from 2.5 to 6 ton

In Ukraine, more and more companies and entrepreneurs rent trucks. The fleet of RENTAL company, which provides such services for 7 years, has recently received modern high-capacity vehicles.

Legal entities, as well as private individuals can rent new trucks in various parts of the country. In 6 large cities of Ukraine, you can rent MercedesAtego and DAFLF, which can transport up to 6 tons of cargo. If you are in another city, we will deliver the truck to your location for additional payment.

The cost of renting vehicles with increased freight-carrying capacity:

Freight vehicles

Max cargo weight, ton.

Max cargo volume, m3

Daily rates for rental of trucks, $

1–3 days

4–9 days

10–25 days

from 26 days


up to 6,0







up to 6,0






Standard truck features: tail lift (flat platform), ABS, air conditioning, cruise control (to control the speed of vehicles). All cars are insured in case of accidents, theft or other unforeseen scenarios (for example, third party damage).

In addition, the company's catalog includes a wide selection of Opel Vivaro, Volkswagen T5, Fiat Doblo Cargo and Mercedes Sprinter, which are capable of transporting up to 2.5 tons of various cargos at once.

Who can rent a truck from RENTAL?

The right to drive is granted to individuals over 23, with more than 3 years of driving experience.

List of documents for concluding a rental agreement

  • Private individuals must provide a Ukrainian/foreign passport, and a driving license.
  • A legal entity has to provide constituent documents (memorandum, foundation agreement).

Private individuals must place a deposit of $ 1000. Legal entities can provide a letter of guarantee.

Attention! You can pay for the rental of commercial vehicles in cash, credit card or transfer of funds to the RENTAL account (including VAT).

We have a mileage limit for commercial vehicles - 300 km per 24 hours. The calculation is not per day, but in total - by the number of days of rent. For example, if your intended rental period is 3 days, the total limit will be 900 km. If it is exceeded, you will have to pay 4 UAH per each additional kilometer.

Why is it beneficial to rent commercial vehicles?

You spend your company's funds only on rental services, fuel and driver's work. All expenses associated with fleet maintenance are borne by its owner - RENTAL.

If during the rental period the car is unsuitable for further use, we will replace it with a similar vehicle.

The longer the rental period (for example, 36 or 60 days) the lower the daily rate. At the same time, the mileage limit is increased compared with short-term rental.

Additional bonus: RENTAL allows placing advertising on rental cars.

You can rent trucks to deal with both one-time and long-term business objectives. It is more cost-efficient than to maintain your own fleet all year round, or purchasing expensive freight vehicles.

Another great offer from RENTAL: for long-term rentals with contracts for a period of more than one year, you can purchase a car according to your needs (load capacity, cargo compartment volume, body type and cabin specifications, loading method).

You can arrange rental at any branch of RENTAL in Kiev, Vinnitsa, Dnipro, Lviv, Odessa and Kharkiv.

Our trucks will help your business beat the competition!

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