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Car Rental in Zaporizhia

Car Rental in Zaporizhia

Zaporizhzhia is the second-largest city in southern Ukraine after Odesa, with almost 800 thousand citizens. The city's area is more than 300 square kilometers. It is a cultural and historical center, the Cossacks' homeland, and the largest industrial city in the region. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people come here for different purposes.

The issue of car rental in Zaporizhzhia is always relevant. For many visitors, speed, comfort, and independence given by the car are very important. In cases when there is no possibility to come to Zaporizhzhia on a private vehicle, many people prefer to rent a car without a driver.

Who Needs a Car Rental in Zaporizhzhia?

People come to Zaporizhzhia for different reasons. For example, Khortytsya Island attracts tourists, historians, and archaeologists with its nature and architectural monuments. Although Khortytsya Nature Reserve is located within the city, and it can be reached by public transport, car rental without a driver will make the trip more comfortable, especially if you plan to travel with children.

Since Zaporizhzhia is a major center of metallurgy, machine building, chemical industry, as well as an important transit hub in the region, it is not surprising that this city is often visited by businessmen from different parts of Ukraine and other countries. In this case, car rental in Zaporizhzhia is especially relevant because it allows moving independently around the city during a business trip.

Zaporizhzhia is attractive to shoppers. “Aurora”, “City Mall”, and “Ukraine” shopping malls offer not only a variety of stores and products but also regular discounts. Car rental in Zaporizhzhia is an ideal service for those who want to enjoy shopping and not think about delivering the purchases to the hotel.

People often rent premium cars for a special event (wedding, graduation party, or anniversary). Considering that there are many unique places for wedding photo shoots in Zaporizhzhia, this service is also popular there.

The Dnieper River flows through the city and the whole region; thus, river sports are actively developing here. Those who don't have their own car can rent it for a day and go kayaking or canoeing to any place of the region.

How to Choose a Car Rental in Zaporizhzhia?

Choosing the best service for car rental in Zaporizhzhia, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

  • The possibility to choose – a family that wants to visit Khortytsya with the children and a businessman who came to sign an important contract should be able to rent a car according to their needs, status, and budget;
  • A set of services – someone needs continuous Internet access in order not to miss important messages, and others need child safety seats to ensure the safety of the children during the trip or GPS navigator so as not to get lost in such a big city like Zaporizhzhia;
  • Insurance and safety are the key aspects that should be the points of interest for the clients of the car rental services. A client must understand who will be financially liable in unexpected situations;
  • A convenient website with round-the-clock support and a full description of services and prices - it is much easier to choose a car rental service when all the information is collected in a convenient format and when you can always ask for help if any problem arises.

Rental.ua - a Convenient Car Rental in Zaporizhzhia

Car rental in Zaporizhzhia using Rental.ua service is convenient and safe. Our clients have access to a large number of services and options that help them solve different tasks.

First of all, we offer a large fleet of vehicles. If you need to get from point A to point B quickly, there are economy and middle-class cars. Those who came to Zaporizhzhia for business purposes can choose a luxury car. Need a car for a wedding or another special event? We have a wide range of premium cars. If you are interested in extreme sports in the Zaporizhzhia region, the best idea is to choose an off-road vehicle in order not to get stuck on the way to the Dnieper rapids.

Car rental in Zaporizhzhia with Rental.ua gives the opportunity to take advantage of the following additional services:

  • Child safety seat;
  • Wi-Fi router in the car;
  • GoPro camera rental;
  • GPS navigator for rent;
  • Delivery of the car.

The concierge service, which is available to our clients free of charge, is the ideal help for a person who often goes on business trips. For example, we can help to book a hotel room in Zaporizhzhia, find a place for a business meeting, arrange a phone call or teleconference with clients, help with pets or food delivery. Just contact a manager in any convenient way.

The safety of our clients in difficult situations is our priority. All our cars are insured against damage and theft; so, the company will take full responsibility in case of damage to the car as a result of a traffic accident. For those who want to use the car rental service without a deposit, we offer SuperCDW full insurance. If our clients have such minor problems as an empty tank, a punctured tire, or forgotten keys, we will come to help at any time.

All services, a full list of cars, rental prices, as well as favorable offers can be found on our website. Managers working round-the-clock will be able to answer any question and find ways to solve any problem.

To rent a car on Rental.ua, a passport and a driver's license are required. It is desirable to have at least 2 years of driving experience. A client has the opportunity to rent a car with or without a deposit. In the second case, the rental price will be higher.

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