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Car Rental in Odessa

Car Rental in Odessa

You are in a business trip or in vacation? You have given your car for repair? You need a car to pass a long and complex route or for other occasion? Book a car for rent!

Car rental in Odessa for a period up from one day. New vehicles of any class and for any need. Drive exclusive cars to meet your friends, make visits, rent transport for business, country, and other trips. We will do everything to make your plans come true in a short time, even if you have no car.

Book car rental in Odessa at our company and get a number of additional benefits

We will provide any car for rent to a driver whose driving experience is not less than two years, and who is over 21.

The mileage is calculated cumulatively for the whole period of car use. The standard mileage is 250 km. It means that if you rent a car for three days, you can drive it up to 750 km.

If the standard mileage does not meet your ambitious plans, you can order the «Car rental with unlimited mileage» service.

Other advantages of car rental at «RENTAL»

Large car fleet

Here you can choose almost any car - from a compact to an executive sedan, from Minivan to Full Size SUV; with petrol or diesel engine, automatic or manual transmission.

Car rental in Odessa for any period

Every vehicle from our car fleet is available for rental for a period from one day to a month, or even more. The rental period is taken into account when calculating the price for the service: the longer you use the rented car – the lower the price per day.

We help you choose

Which car from our catalog is better to cope with the tasks you want to perform with it? The answer is not always as simple as it may seem, but we will help you make the right choice if you contact us and outline the situation.

The comfort and safety of your trips are included into the value of car rental

  • When choosing «RENTAL» car hire in Odessa you should not pay for additional tuning. We will provide you a GPS-navigator and Wi-Fi, choose and set a child safety seat for your car without additional payment, if it is necessary.
  • All cars are new and insured.
  • We receive payment in cash, bank transfers, Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards.

Car rental: what issues can you solve by using a booked car?

There are lots of Odessa residents and guests of the city among our customers. New clients often come upon the recommendation of permanent customers. Our car fleet is diverse enough to solve almost any issue that requires a certain type of vehicle:

  • Budget transport is usually rented to travel around the city on vacation. The cars of this type are also popular among the residents who don’t have their own vehicles. An economy car is the most convenient variant for cases that require increased mobility: if you need to gather a package of documents from various establishments; to meet your guests at the train station; to organize the trips of elderly relatives or children around the city.
  • Standard class cars for business trips. If your own car is on the repair station, or if you need a vehicle of a higher class, a car rental can help you. When using a rented car you can meet important guests, arrange a transfer around the city, or visit a solemn event.
  • Crossovers – for country and other trips. They can be used to travel around the city, and for representative purposes.
  • Minivans – to travel with your family or other large group of people. The cars of this class are useful on holydays. They will help you bring your guests to the venue of the celebration.

«RENTAL» car rental company will help you solve these and other issues.

Order procession within five minutes. The vehicles are delivered to any point of the city. Booking and customer support are available around the clock.

Just call us, or book a car on our website to make your car issue solved!

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