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Save your time with RENTAL company

Save your time with RENTAL company

In fact, during the day we have to solve many important problems, such as business trips, address important issues. Moreover, in the furious pace of life, you want to find out free time for rest and entertainment.

To spend free time to travel around the city of course no one wants. In addition, due to circumstances, to get to the right place can be extremely inconvenient may appear urgent cases, prevent the implementation of plans, route would be inconvenient or rush hour will make a trip to hell.

We take into account the business of our customers and are able to appreciate the time. And that's why the company «Rental» glad to introduce a new free service.

You can pick up or drop off a car absolutely for free in any place convenient for you - your office or house entrance. Return and delivery of vehicles is carried out at a location convenient for you from 9:00 to 19:00, Monday to Saturday.

The service comes into effect from 15.03.2012 to 15.04.2012 and is valid only in Kharkov city.

The aim of the company «Rental» - to make the rental process as comfortable as possible and service level - extremely high. Now you do not need to go anywhere, you can pick up the car you are interested in any convenient place for you.

The company «Rental» - we appreciate your time.

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