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Car Rental in Lviv

Car Rental in Lviv

Are you going to rent a car? The «RENTAL» company will instantly solve your transport issues in Lviv. Just choose a suitable model from our catalog and we will provide it to you at the right moment.

Our experience shows that the car hire service is demanded both by those who have their own cars, and by those for whom their cars are temporary unavailable for various reasons. A car rental is convenient, comfortable and advantageous!

The «RENTAL» company will be glad to help you in any situation. We will help you emphasize your status by providing exclusive cars (for example, if you have to meet an important business partner or delegation) or by providing an inexpensive vehicle in Lviv for everyday business and personal tasks.

The conditions of car rental

  1. Car selection. It is very simple and rent cars through «RENTAL». You can address us via phone or via our website. You can choose the suitable car by yourself or listen to the advice of our expert. We will consider all your requests on the car brand, its main characteristics, the cost of rental and your situation (the goals of hire, planned trips, directions, etc.).
  2. Requirements to the driver. The «RENTAL» company works with all drivers who are over 21 years old. The main things you need to have a valid driver's license for two years which needs to be presented at time of the rental.
  3. Prepayment. Car Rental in Lviv requires 100% prepayment for the entire period of the planned car use. You can also always extend or shorten the lease time, and we will recalculate your expenses at the time of car returning. You can pay for our service in cash or by bank transfer.

Car rental in Lviv: what’s the procedure?

The process of registration usually takes about 7 minutes. You fill the application form (via phone, online or at the pickup location), and we reserve the desired car model. You show us your documents and pay for the service considering the scheduled hire time. We sign the Rental Agreement - and the car is yours!

Before transferring the car (at the beginning and the end of the rental term) we examine it to make sure that it works properly and has enough fuel. If you have made a deposit, it is refunded at the end of the rental term.

Your office needs a car urgently!

A typical car rental procedure implies that the customer takes the vehicle from the pickup location by himself. However, if you do not have time or capability to pick up the ordered car, we can deliver it to any specified destination – an office or your front door.

The situation with vehicle return is similar: after the expiration of the car rental term in Lviv we will take it from any place convenient for you (in case the service is fully paid for and the car is in proper condition).

«RENTAL» is in touch with their customers 24 hours a day

We are available around the clock. Contact us any time to rent a car, to discuss the extension of the rental, to change its terms (for example, increase the daily mileage) or to receive any other information on the replacement of the car or its exploitation in Lviv, etc. You can also call us in case of an emergency situation on the road. Our operators are ready to help you.

You booked a car for rent - get a child safety seat and a navigator to it!

Your previous car rental provider demanded an extra fee for a baby car seat? In «RENTAL» the rules are different. We ensure all the necessary conditions for a comfortable trip by providing car hire in Lviv: if you are planning to take your children with you – let us know, and get a infant safety seat. Additionally, your car may be equipped with navigation systems and Wi-Fi, so you can easily navigate (it is especially important if you have to go through an unfamiliar city), and your fellow passengers will not be bored.

Car rental on special conditions

Our company always listens to the requirements of its customers. We also study the experience of the world's leading car rental companies constantly. That is why «RENTAL» expands its car fleet and the range of available services day after day. We are ready to accept your terms: in addition to our standard conditions (vehicle rental deposit) you can arrange a car rental without a deposit, as well as a car rental with unlimited mileage. You can find the information about all our service packages and requirements to the drivers on the «Special offers» page.

Car hire in Lviv from «RENTAL» company – advantages for the customer

The customers that have once booked a car in Lviv in «RENTAL» address us constantly after that. We have inquired what factors are essential for them when choosing a provider.

  • Most customers say that a great selection of affordable cars in «RENTAL» is the most prominent advantage. We never deceive our clients – we always provide the cars that have been promised.
  • Affordable price of car hire is the second important thing. The sum you see in the catalog covers all fees (including insurance wastes), so you can easily calculate the final price of the rental.
  • Our clients have placed additional services (availability of GPS-navigators and child safety seats) on the third position.

Safety – the main rule of car rental

Car owners know well: a vehicle requires constant professional care, which is needed not only for its normal operation, but also for personal safety of the passengers. All cars from our catalog are under constant technical supervision. While booking a car you can be absolutely sure in the reliability and complete serviceability of the vehicle, because experienced experts control it.

Car rental with insurance

The road is full of various surprises, sometimes rather unpleasant. That is why the lessor company always takes care of the insurance while providing cars for rent. The customer is the main person who needs it, because in case of an accident he should not spent money on compensation of material damage. The RENTAL fees include Vehicle insurance and Compulsory Third Party Personal Injury (CTP) insurance payments. All insurance conditions are explained to the client when signing a Rental Agreement.

What cars are available for rent?

Car brands are the first things the customers ask about when they are interested in car rental. The «RENTAL» company selects cars focusing on well-known models and automotive novelties. Many rentees want to ride prestigious business class cars. We have many excellent offers, like Toyota Camry and Volkswagen Passat models for them.

However, the customers who temporarily need reliable budget cars also address us often. Our car fleet has a number of medium and economy class models for them: from modest Skoda Fabia to comfortable Volkswagen Golf.

A car – as from the autosalon

Unfortunately, as a rentee, sometimes you may be offered an obviously outdated car. With «RENTAL» company you should not fear such situations. We understand the expectations of our customers and take care of our and your reputation, so we provide you cars in excellent conditions – without external damage or dirty interior.

All cars are well maintained and properly cleaned. You will get a car that can immediately be used to go to the meeting with your high-ranking guest or partner without making a bad first impression. We conduct a thorough check after each rentee and update the car interior, if necessary in order to ensure perfect appearance of the vehicle.

Situations when you may need a car for rent

Hundreds of potential customers from Lviv and other cities of Ukraine who want to take cars for temporary use address us every day. In most cases such need arises in the following situations:

PROBLEM Solution / Advantages
1) Business travel

Businessmen, who came to Lviv from other cities, prefer not to drive their own cars for hundreds of kilometers. It is much cheaper and safer to book a suitable car at the local car rental.

A driver can choose any model according to his status and don't worry about its condition.

2) A new business Young companies and startups not always have to purchase a decent car. Short or long term car rental will help them look respectable in the eyes of potential investors.
3) Business and ceremonial events Car rental in Lviv allows you to get a luxury car in case of a celebration or an important meeting with a respectable partner. In such cases, it is a matter of image.
4) Tourist trips Lviv is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of domestic and foreign travelers visit this city every year. How can you visit all sights without depending on the bus schedules and paying for taxi? After booking a car you will be able to plan your trip all by yourself. This service is especially convenient for those who are planning attend «non-touristic» places on their route.
5) Repair of your own car Car rental – is a perfect solution if you had to give your car for service for a few days. Every customer can select a suitable price offer.
6) «Test drive» before buying a car It is only natural for a driver to give the new car a trial before ending up buying it. A short test drive in the showroom is not enough to evaluate all features of the car objectively. After taking the same car for rent for a few days you will learn its «habits» in the natural driving environment.

Perhaps you have your own reason to rent a car. For example, just to drive out on a luxury car with your family or girlfriend on weekends. In any case, we will provide you perfect conditions for car rental.

What other expenses should you take into account while booking a car in Lviv?

The «RENTAL» fees include all expenses, so you know total amount you will need to spend from the very beginning. What factors can impact this amount?

  • The rent charge can vary up or down, if you decide to change the term of car rental.
  • The insurance company pays compensation for the car in case of an accident, but in some cases, the rentee has to pay the franchise (it is a small part of the insurance amount that is not covered by the insurance company).
  • After booking a car you should not forget the expenses on fuel and parking. Another part of expenses, which depends entirely on you are traffic ticket fines.

When is it not necessary to take a car for rent?

Car rental offers many advantages: mobility, saving time and money, and the opportunity to drive an expensive care that is not available for purchase. But there are two serious reasons to abandon this idea:

  1. You are not confident in your driving skills.
  2. You are not ready to restrict yourself from drinking alcohol in the near future.

In such cases it is better for you to use a taxi.

«RENTAL» car hire: some figures

Our company provides car rental services since 2009. We have gathered a rich car fleet of most popular brands and models during this time.

We are ready to offer our customers more than 100 cars of 23 famous brands. The average «age» of our cars is about 3 years.

More than 25 people take cars for rent at our company every day. The average rental duration is about 8 days. Every third client addresses us repeatedly.

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