Roadside Assistance for Any Emergency

Roadside Assistance for Any Emergency

«Roadside Assistance» is a service provided to each of our customer free of charge. It covers comprehensive technical assistance on the road, which is inestimable in many traffic situations:

  • vehicle breakdown
  • traffic accident
  • tire blow-out
  • shortage of fuel
  • battery discharge
  • loss of car keys.

Vehicle Breakdown

We pay key attention to safety and technical condition of our fleet, providing vehicle health checks and maintenance service on a regular basis. But since even new cars are not immune to breakdown, we ensure that our customers won’t be left high and dry. In case of any kind of breakdown on the road, just let us know about your problem and our technical assistants will start acting immediately to provide help and resolve the problem. While your vehicle is under repair, we will deliver a replacement car for you to feel comfortable.

Road Accident

All our vehicles are insured, so you may not worry about damages. If you get involved in a road accident, call us and our support service will help you in every way. If necessary, they will call the police or ambulance, arrange a tow truck for transporting your vehicle, help with paperwork for the insured loss or advise on any other related issue.

Tire Blow-Out

Has a tire of your vehicle gone flat due to puncturing, getting into a pothole or any other reason? Let other drivers fix flat tires themselves, while you can leave this nasty job to us if you wish. The company will send our technical support team to replace the tire and you will be ready to continue your journey without getting your hands dirty.

Shortage of Fuel

It is no problem if you neglected to check the fuel level and run out of it before you were able to get to the nearest fuel filling station. Let us know and our "Roadside Assistance" team will deliver fuel to any place you stopped at. You pay only for your fuel, while the delivery is free.

Battery Discharge

There may be many reasons for your vehicle battery to run down, but there is always a good way out when you cannot start your car – take advantage of our "Roadside Assistance" service. Our technical team will come to your aid and arrange recharging and starting the vehicle.

Lost or closed keys

Though not common, losing car keys or closing them in a vehicle may happen to any driver. If you have forgotten your keys in the trunk or can’t find them anywhere, don’t panic and contact us to get professional help. We will provide you with spare keys and you will recover your control over the vehicle.

Striving to be closer to our clients and to meet all their needs, we stay in touch 24/7 – you may count on our support. Take advantage of our Concierge Service through which you can find, purchase or order any desired service.
We are happy to help and support you around the clock on the roads across Ukraine with our "Roadside Assistance" service. It is available for every customer renting a vehicle from RENTAL Company.

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