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“Rental” Fleet replenishement – Opel Corsa D 3d: dynamic, economical and stylish

“Rental” Fleet replenishement – Opel Corsa D 3d: dynamic, economical and stylish

The car has excellent running characteristics, great exterior and a high level of comfort.

OpelCorsaD 3d is compact and notable for spacious cabin, where will feel comfortable both a passenger and a driver of any build.

In the cabin overhead is enough free space. It is a distinct advantage for high growth passengers.

There is an opportunity to regulate the seat height for not tall passengers. In spite of rather small size, the car has a roomy trunk capacity of 285 liters. And if you fold up the back seat, the trunk capacity can be increased to 1,100 liters.

Drivers with children can also find many advantages in OpelCorsaD 3d. To make the ride comfortable and as safe as possible, the possibility of fixing a baby seat in the right front seat or in the back seat of the car with the help of IsoFix is provided.

The car demonstrates excellent driving dynamics, the best of its potential appears when moving in urban areas: flexibility, ease of parking, good stability, efficient driving and economy will allow to feel comfortable behind the wheel and enjoy the ride.

Due to a good clearance, OpelCorsaD 3d performs well not only on the roads for general use. You should not forget that is not all terrain vehicle.

Fixed-speed automatic transmission allows you to drive automatic. In addition, OpelCorsaD 3d is equipped with power steering, air conditioning, dual airbags, electrical window raiser and braking system ABS.

The main advantage of Opel Corsa D 3d is high economy in the city. The average fuel consumption per 100 km. is 5.8 liters.

OpelCorsaD3d is a great choice for city driving, it meets the most strict requirements of comfort, safety and economy. You can get a real pleasure from the trip behind the wheel. This small and nice car is waiting for you in the company «Rental» .

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