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Rental cars without DEPOSIT

Rental cars without DEPOSIT

Starting from February 2014 many citizens and guests of Ukraine faced the problem of money withdrawal from the cards and accounts of different banks.  Due to the ongoing situation, the customers of the company "Rental" have many times asked to reduce the deposit amount for the renting period.

We have long been thinking about the deposit reduction or about  the deposit-free rent. But this is you who stimulated us for lunching this service.

Note! From March 25, 2014 we introduce the 2 packages:

  • with the partial deposit - Deposit Easy
  • Deposit Free

One more good news is that these packages presuppose not only the deposit reduction. Every customer will be offered some pleasant bonuses: absence of day run limits, absence of any compensation in case of traffic affair.


Deposit Easy

Deposit Free

Rent deposit

50%  of the price list


Driver’s age

At least  22

At least  23

Driving experience

At least3 years

At least  5 лет

Car classes not included into the packages


premium, 4х4 (Toyota Prado,

Lexus RX 350,

VW Touareg,

Lexus GX, Audi Q7)

Admissible day run

350 km.


Minimum car rent order  

From 3days

At least 5days

Amount deductible in case of traffic affair  

Within the deposit


Packages value

Economy class

14 USD

25 USD

Middle class

18 USD

35 USD

Business class, 4х4

25 USD

45 USD

And with this pleasant surprises from Rental are not over! Upon using one of the packages, all the offers, discounts and special offers continue until their termination.

We remind you that now you can use the offer «Rent Formula»:

  • 3-day car rent gives you one more rent-free day, 7-day car rent – 2 additional rent-free days.
  • GPS-navigator free for the whole renting period.
  • free child seat for the renting period.
  • the discounts of other renting companies are available with us as well.

RENTAL – Cars for all occasions!

Only at RENTAL!

  • deposit-free rent;
  • no run limits;
  • comprehensive insurance 0% franchising.

Since April 25,  2014

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