New Year's gifts!

New Year's gifts!

New Year's gifts!
The New Year is a wonderful holiday that gives happiness to everyone around and fulfills the most cherished wishes.
But here’s the problem: what  you can give to your close ones so that it’s not just “for show”, but brought pleasure and benefit?
After all, it often happens that there is no time to choose, and you have to buy presents at the last moment!
How not to lose the choice and surprise with a memorable gift?
We know what to do with it!

Now you can please your family with unique and useful gifts from RENTAL!
The New Year's set includes:
- Subscription for car rental without collateral and free delivery to the address;
- In addition -  set of sweets - flavored tea, holiday cakes, chocolate and honey.
Car - this is what you need in severe frosts!

The main thing - don't hesitate and have time to get a gift box with the subscription and delicious surprises!
For those, who have time to order our sets before the end of the year, a special gift is waiting for you.

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