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Day for a gift

Day for a gift

Receive free days of lease!

Travelling on leased car with RENTAL became still profitable!

Now you can take car for more long term at smaller cost. And, the longer you will ride, the more bonuses you will get.

Order car from 3 days and receive free days of lease*:

• Lease for 3 days - 1 day as a gift.

• For 7 days - 2 days.

• For 14 days - 3 days.

•For 26 days - 4 days.

*Terms of the promotion apply to cars of all classes.

**This offer is not cumulative with other discounts and promotions.

How to get free rental days:

1). Choose the desired dates and reserve car on the site or any other convenient way (phone call, e-mail, Skype, messengers).

2). Receive booking confirmation and agree with manager all conditions of your rental car, including the amount of free days.

3). Introduce payment through online-form on the site or any another way (bank transaction, transaction by the card).

4). Receive a voucher with confirmation of payment by e-mail.

5).Use the car delivery service at your address or come to the rental center RENTAL on the appointed date.


With RENTAL you always get more thansimply car rental!

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