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Car rent

The company RENTAL - a company whose activities are related with the providing of  "car rent" services. We are constantly improving in our service area to gain leadership position in the Car Rental market , turn into the practice the strategy, we offer car rental at the most attractive and comfortable conditions for the client. Our team has done everything possible for Today our customers enjoy a convenient and reliable "car rental" service . Our high-level has been able to appreciate by our regular customers who are actively using the services of "car rental" in Kharkov, Kiev, Donezk, Dnepropetrovsk.

The "car rental" service is available in the shortest and operational terms. We take into account individual requirements and needs of each client in the provision of car rental in Kharkov ,Kiev, Donezk, Dnepropetrovsk. For further information about our services, "car rental" you can find in the relevant section. List of rental cars offered by our company, you can see in the "Car  fleet". In addition, you can make reservations for the car rent at any time of day and night and do not move away from the computer, focusing on the rental car you are interested  in.

Car rent in Kharkov, Kiev, Donezk and Dnepropetrovsk is gaining widespread popularity because of all the inhabitants of megacities are often faced with a situation where a temporary own car for some reason is not "on track", and rental car allows you to continue the actively implement and carry out your plans in the usual rhythm of life, not waiting for proper repairment of your vehicles.

But high demand of car rental in Ukraine of course, enjoys by the visitors who do not know the city but want to feel independent. Therefore, the company Rental offers to all customers who have ordered the rental car , an additional service - GPS-navigator, which will save you from the inconvenience that may arise on the road in an unfamiliar city.

To all questions  related to car rent, you can get answers from our staff and professionals. Turning to the services of our company, we guarantee you a personalized all-inclusive service and loyalty program for regular customers.

Аренда авто в Киеве, Харькове, и Днепропетровске.

Location and renting period
Location and renting period
Location and renting period
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Car selection
Car selection
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Personal data
Personal data
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Delivery and return of the vehicle in Ukraine. Delivery and return of the vehicle in Ukraine.

In several cities of Ukraine, we provide a temporary service: delivery and return of the vehicle.

GPS-navigator for the whole period of using the car GPS-navigator for the whole period of using the car

Rent a car - receive the bonus: GPS-navigator for the whole period of using the car!

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