Car Rental Lexus LS460 in Kiev

Rent Lexus LS460 in Kiev
  • A/C
  • Doors - 4
  • 510 l
  • 10.7 l/100 km
  • Body type Sedan
  • Engine capacity 4.6 l 386 HP
  • Transmission Automatic
  • Type of fuel Gasoline
from 26 days 10-25 days 4-9 days 1-3 days
127 145 162 180 Book Deposit 3421€
202 231 258 287 Book Without deposit
  • Without deposit
  • With deposit
202 25+ days 127
231 10-25 days 145
258 4-9 days 162
287 1-3 days 180

Lexus Ls460 – the flagship model of the famous Japanese manufacturer. The luxury business class car contains laconic interior and exterior, high functionality, comfort, security, ease of control. Buying a Lexus is far from everyone can afford, and is not always expedient. But renting for certain events is a real opportunity to use a car of a representative class.

After You experience all the functionality and superiority of the car, You will understand that renting Lexus Ls was definitely the right decision.

Rent a classy Lexus Ls460 in Kiev

On the site you can rent Lexus Ls460 in Kiev at any time. And you don`t need to get to the office to take the car – we will deliver it to anywhere in Ukraine. Specialists of our company will provide any assistance on the road and provide a concierge service if necessary.

Do you need a car that perfectly combines power, speed, comfort and presentative appearance? In this case, rental Lexus Ls460 – just what you need! This car is designed for comfortable movement and fast driving on asphalt roads.

You can hire this car for business trips, providing transfers, as well as for weddings and other celebrations.

Renting a Lexus Ls460 in Kiev is a popular service. This car is in demand due to its stylish design. And the black color of the car body emphasizes the presentable appearance. Xenon optics, muscular front fenders, the massive front of the car body, large chrome grille – all this looks great even in spite of some classic in the design.

The spacious interior is finished with natural leather and equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable trip: ergonomic seats with support for back and ventilation, separate climate control, high-quality acoustics, informative instrument panel, excellent noise isolation.

This full-size sedan rides on petrol. The engine capacity of 4.6 liters allows to move at the speed of 360 horsepower. On the road the car spends about 12 liters, and the average fuel consumption in the city is kept at around 18 liters.

Book a rental of Lexus Ls460 in our company. It will only take 5 minutes to rent the car – and you will feel like You’re on the top of the world!

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