Car Rental Renault Duster in Kiev

Rent Renault Duster in Kiev
Day as a gift!
  • A/C
  • Doors - 5
  • 408 l
  • 5.2 l/100 km
  • Body type Crossover
  • Engine capacity 1.5 l 110 HP
  • Transmission Manual
  • Type of fuel Diesel
from 26 days 10-25 days 4-9 days 1-3 days
36 42 47 52 Book Deposit 500€
52 57 63 70 Book Without deposit
  • Without deposit
  • With deposit
52 25+ days 36
57 10-25 days 42
63 4-9 days 47
70 1-3 days 52

Rent Renault Duster in Kiev is for those who often travels not only on flat roads, but also off-road. Thanks to the versatility, dynamics and superb handling of the compact crossover, neither pits nor bumps will be scary. An unpretentious, reliable and dynamic car has well proven itself on both urban and country roads, as well as during travels outside the city.

Rent Renault Duster in Kiev is beneficial not only because of the functionality of the car while driving, but also because of the possibility of obtaining aesthetic pleasure. The car has an expressive exterior and an attractive interior. At the same time, the interior elements have a convenient location and are as ergonomic as possible.

Restyling model with a mechanical transmission is equipped with a powerful diesel engine (110 hp), designed for 1.5 liters of fuel. Therefore, renting Renault Daster in Kiev will easily and without incident overcome any descent and recovery. Simple and "obedient" in the management of cars is pleased with the ability to overcome roads with potholes, thanks to the presence of an energy-intensive running gear.

Even with constantly loaded city traffic, the car economically spends fuel. So renting Renault Duster in Kiev is not only a safe, but also profitable solution.

The designers have endowed the model with a number of advantages:

  • adjusted body geometry;
  • short overhangs;
  • increased ground clearance;
  • reduced weight;
  • convenient lever of automatic transmission;
  • comfortable seats;
  • a large trunk (408 kg);
  • climate control and safety systems.

You can hire a car in Kiev for any period and on favorable terms (even without collateral). Rental customers are guaranteed to receive a fully manned crossover in perfect technical condition.

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