Car Rental Skoda Fabia in Kiev

Rent a car Skoda Fabia in Kiev
Day as a gift!
  • A/C
  • Doors - 5
  • 300 l
  • 6.5 l/100 km
  • Body type Hatchback
  • Engine capacity 1,4 l 85 HP
  • Transmission Manual
  • Type of fuel Gasoline
from 26 days 10-25 days 4-9 days 1-3 days
20 23 26 29 Book Deposit 300€
27 31 35 39 Book Without deposit
  • Without deposit
  • With deposit
27 25+ days 20
31 10-25 days 23
35 4-9 days 26
39 1-3 days 29

Skoda Fabia ― a car in Ukraine, which enjoys great demand among women. This is due, primarily, with a comfortable cabin, and required a number of contemporary personal options. Women , as you know - practical, and choosing a car, they certainly would prefer not only high quality but competitive price.

By and large, the car Skoda Fabia, is the same as the notorious VolksWagen, just going in the Czech Republic, and has a more reasonable price than the German counterpart. Wonderful handling, body shape, which allows even the novice feel good size, made Skoda Fabia cars one of the most popular city cars. Taking a rental car Skoda Fabia, we can safely count on the reliability, comfort and safety.

Fabia is considered to be high-quality alternative to the Skoda Felicia, which was discontinued in 2001. Skoda Fabia, which was created with the direct participation of concern Volkswagen, different maneuverability, ease of management efficiency.

Taking a rental car Skoda Fabia, you get an excellent car with high ground clearance, larger baggage and a good dynamic acceleration. In addition, suspension Skoda Fabia is well suited to our roads, and front-wheel drive will feel confident in the harsh winter. This car is perfect for the urban regime, for low fuel consumption, good flexibility and excellent cabin noise isolation machines are indispensable in a dense metropolitan traffic.

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