Car Rental Subaru Outback in Kiev

Rent a car Subaru Outback in Kiev
Day as a gift!
  • A/C
  • Doors - 5
  • 526 l
  • 8,4 l/100 km
  • Body type station wagon
  • Engine capacity 2,5 l 167 HP
  • Transmission Automatic
  • Type of fuel Gasoline
from 26 days 10-25 days 4-9 days 1-3 days
50 58 65 72 Book Deposit 600€
68 78 88 97 Book Without deposit
  • Without deposit
  • With deposit
68 25+ days 50
78 10-25 days 58
88 4-9 days 65
97 1-3 days 72

The cars from the Land of the Rising Sun have always been characterized with a combination of classic and the latest technologies. Subaru Outback rent in Kyiv will let you see this is true. 

The exterior does not differ from the exterior of other cars much. But highly durable steel became being used more. The car body is protected with a plastic “belt” along the perimeter. The LED lamps will make your way lighter if you rent Subaru Outback in Kyiv in rainy weather. The side mirrors are situated on the door panels. Due to this they remain clean longer. 

The interior is ergonomic. The seats that support the body while driving are covered with special onlays. They also became higher by 1 cm. 

Sound insulation became stronger, now you can talk easily in the compartment without being distracted by annoying noise. 

Subaru Outback rental in Kyiv will help you to estimate the advantages of the system X-Mode, which adjusts the settings of the engine and transmission with one click on the button. You will be pleased with the modern multimedia complex with nice graphics control through the touch screen. 

The fans of fast driving will be happy due to the system SI-Drive ordering Subaru Outback rent in Kyiv. It gives a chance to choose a standard or sports mode, switch the modes easily. 

Anyone who has driving experience of at least 2 years can test this Japanese car. You must have a valid driving license as well. Age does not matter: the offer is valid both for young people and experienced drivers. A car rent in Kyiv with the Rental company will help you estimate the advantages of Subaru! 

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